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BBC Radio 4

Vienna and the Shadow of the Third Man

2 June 2009
Produced by Eleanor McDowall

Eleanor McDowall Listen to Vienna and the Shadow of the Third Man

Eleanor McDowall explores the writing and history of Graham Greene's novel through the experiences of a family who have spent the last twenty years running The Third Man Tour in Vienna.

Repeated 16th April 2010


"Eleanor McDowall's neatly crafted programme explains why tourists in general and film buffs in particular love [The Third Man]. But she also shows why the Viennese have come to hate it as a reminder of the hard, cruel, postwar history of a city bombed to ruin in an Austria carved up between conquerors."

Radio choice, Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph, 02 June 2009

"Marking the 60th anniversary of the famous thriller is this evocative trip round Graham Greene's Vienna in the company of the tour guide Dr Brigitte Timmermann, who has been running the "Third Man Tour" of the Austrian capital for over 20 years. She has a lovely laugh, perfect English and a sense of fun, but she is also an academic who knows her stuff - about the city, the elegiac and stylish film that was shot in it, its star Orson Welles and the spy Kim Philby, who got married in Vienna in 1934."

Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times, 31.05.09

"Footsteps echo through the cobbled streets, a match flares, and Harry Lime lurks in the shadows. Brigitte Timmermann takes us on a tour of old Vienna, and summons up the dark, enthralling mystery of the film The Third Man. You won't get that zither music out of your head."

Susan Jeffreys, The Daily Mail, 10.04.10

  • Stefansdom Cathedral, Vienna