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Short Cuts: The Comfort of Strangers

24 January 2012
Presented by Nina Garthwaite
Produced by Eleanor McDowall

Producer, Eleanor McDowall In this third edition of the series we seek the 'Comfort of Strangers' as Nina examines the ties which bind us to those we barely know. We hear a heartbreaking tale of companionship between a woman and an injured whale alongside the story of a Danish legionnaire who spent four years entrusting his life to a circle of strangers, thrown together in terrible circumstances. The writer Deborah Moggach relays an act of extraordinary kindness from someone she didn't know and the musician Jack Lewis explores how those closest to you can sometimes seem like strangers as he interviews his brother Jeffrey.

Prod Jessie Levene

Didi Conover                                                         
Prod Michel Montreuil

The Migration                                                          
Prod Jo Meek                                                                            
The Comfort of Strangers                                                 
Prod Tim Hinman
Therapist’s Client                                                         
Prod Jessie Levine

Jack and Jeffrey Lewis                                                     
Prod Jack Lewis

Deborah Moggach Listen


Deborah Moggach - featured on Radio 4's Pick of the Week

  • Presenter, Nina Garthwaite